IUCN welcomes 11 new members in the Mediterranean

 The IUCN Council has just validated the decision taken by its Bureau on 29 January and 13th April and 2016 to approve the admission of 48 new Members. Eleven of them belong to the Mediterranean region. The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation warmly welcomes these new Members in the Mediterranean region.

Mediterranean landscape

 -Bizerte Association for the Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Tunisia): its mission is to protect Tunisia's natural resources and to promote awareness on environmental issues and the inclusion of women, youth and citizens in the daily management of their trash and urbain environment.

-Union of Agricultural work Committee (Palestine): UAWC was established in 1986 in response to the vulnerable socio-political circumstance of farmers that resulted from occupation policies in confiscating lands and water in the early eighties and therefore directly harmed the interests of farmers and Palestinians.

-Association of Life and Earth Science Teachers (Morocco): ATLSE aims at helping to build a modern and cohesive society in accordance with the principles and values ​​of sustainable development and become a national benchmark in education for sustainable development in Morocco.

-Land Research Center (Palestine):The main objective of LRC is to protect and promote the use of Palestinians land in addition to developing the Palestinian agriculture and expertise through conducting researches and studies as well as producing publications on the issues of land and agriculture, maintaining full linkage in shape and content between Arab Jerusalem and the remaining parts of the occupied Palestinian territories, taking into consideration that Jerusalem an integral part of the West Bank, and working for the restoration of collective popular action with the aim of preserving land an agriculture, with the emphasis on the prominent role of women in these areas.

-Jordanian Beekeeper's Union (Jordan): Bee Research Directorate was established at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension in 2001, in response to the demand of beekeepers, farmers and workers in the field of beekeeping throughout the Kingdom. The Bee Research Department is the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East, it includes a group of modern and unique laboratories such as pollen grains studies laboratory and honey bee diseases identification using biotechnology techniques laboratory. The bee research department was documented as a global source for the local honey bees Apis mellifera syriaca.

-Basmet Elkhair Women Charity Association (Jordan): Since its establishment in 2009, the Basmet Al Khair society has provided income generating projects, vocational training, financial aid and in-kind support for underprivileged families. These include water harvesting projects, awareness lectures for young people, solar heating ventures, beauty salons, a ladies' gym and kindergartens.

-Moroccan Association for Sustainable Hunting (Morocco)

-Jordanian Federation for Environmental NGO's (Jordan): The federation groups eight of Jordan's main environment organisations, seeks to rally support for environmental causes and raise public awareness, to participate in the formulation of national environment policies and strategies along with the Environment Ministry, and enhance and institutionalise environment work in the country.

-Jordan Society for the Conservation of Turtles & Tortoises (Jordan): The Association is interested in promoting and strengthening the environmental awareness of the importance of maintaining these turtles of all types, and to develop plans for their breeding and the development of tourism regarding them and achieve all the goals set for this purpose, with outstanding performance and high effectiveness amid an atmosphere of care and attention, thereby promoting the role of Association as the first and leading in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the surrounding area.

-Faculty of Science / American University of Madaba (Jordan): AUM ensures academic excellence through highly competent faculty, staff, and students supported by state-of-the-art sustainable facilities, strategic research and job-relevant study programs.

-KuzeyDoğa Society (Turkey):  is a Turkish conservation non-governmental organization operating primarily in the far eastern section of the country, with a focal area ranging from the shores of the Black Sea to Mount Ağrı (Ararat). The society is primarily concerned with documenting and studying the migratory bird life in the region. The Society has partnerships with several Turkish and international organizations and universities.

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