IUCN Viet Nam and Lotte Cinema joined efforts in carrying out an awareness raising programme on marine turtle conservation in Viet Nam

Within the framework of the cooperation between IUCN and WE Media Company, a community awareness program on wildlife protection that focuses on Sea Turtle Conservation has been implemented. As part of this program, a short film about sea turtle conservation has been shown in Lotte Cinemas before the screening of main films.

The film was shown at Lotte Cinema Nha Trang

The film was produced by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who has participated in the IUCN 2014 Volunteers Programme which aimed to (i) raise communities’ awareness of the value and importance of sea turtles; (ii) provide trainings for volunteers so they can assist the staff of National Parks in marine turtle conservation activities; (iii) build capacity for national parks’ staff through marine turtle conservation program at sites.

After joining the programme, volunteers’ awareness on the matter has been greatly enhanced which ultimately allowed them to take part in communications and outreach activities (e.g. set up a Sea turtles conservation volunteers network, writing blogs, create a Facebook page on “Sea turtles in Viet Nam” that got more than 1000 followers) that aim to reduce marine turtles illegal trafficking and illegal consumption of products made of marine turtles.

From 15-22 December, 2015, more than 5000 spots of the film have been aired in 5 Lotte Cinemas centers in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Nha Trang. Please click HERE to see the film.

This activity is part of the “Community Based Marine Turtle Nesting Beach Conservation and Bycatch Reduction” project in Viet Nam implemented by IUCN with the financial support of U.S FWS.

For more information about IUCN marine turtle conservation volunteer programme, please click HERE.

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