IUCN, Uganda Government in partnership

In 2007, Uganda Government and the World Bank signed an Agreement as an integral component of the Bujagali Hydro Power Project. The hydropower plant is being constructed on River Nile, 10 kilometres from Jinja Town.

The agreement states that the Government of Uganda shall prepare a sustainable management plan for the Kalagala Offset area, an environmental management principle that seeks to offset the negative impacts of the Bujalagi dam on the environment.

The agreement calls for sustainable management of Kalagala Falls to protect its natural habitat and environment and spiritual values and, to conserve the ecosystems of Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Namavundu Forest Reserve and the Nile Bank Central Forest Reserve.

To achieve this objective, the government of Uganda has picked IUCN to provide technical input and provide the lead in the development of the sustainable management plan.. Consequently, IUCN will support National Forestry Authority, National Environment Management Authority, Ministry of Tourism Trade and Industry, District and Private Sector to:

  • Revise the management plan for Mabira forest reserve;
  • Prepare a management plan for Nile Bank and Namavundu forest reserves;
  • Revise the management plan for Kalagala-Itanda Offset Tourism Development Concept Plan and prepare the Kalagala Ecotourism Investment Plan; and
  • Prepare a Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) for the Kalagala Offset area by integrating the Kalagala Ecotourism Investment Plan, the management plans for Mabira group and Nile Bank and Namavundu group of forest reserve plans through public consultations at the sub-county, district and national levels.


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