IUCN Statement on issues surrounding arrest of Greenpeace activists

Call for a peaceful, just and fair resolution of the issues surrounding the arrest of Greenpeace activists onboard the Arctic Sunrise

IUCN Photolibrary/Michelle Laurie

IUCN’s vision is about a “just world that values and conserves nature”. In order to advance this vision, Members of IUCN adopted Resolution 2.37 (Support for Environmental Defenders) at the IUCN’s 2000 World Conservation Congress, which “calls on the Director General to speak out publicly and forcefully:

a) In support of freedom for individuals to participate in grassroots environmental activities;

b) In support of environmental advocates who are suffering harassment or persecution; and

c) To discourage harassment or persecution of environmental advocates and environmental organizations using all appropriate means.”

IUCN underlines the fragility of the Arctic environment and the need to protect and preserve its unique and vulnerable ecosystems. IUCN expresses deep concern over the arrest of environmental activists who have been charged with committing piracy, a violent and serious crime. We urge the Russian authorities to resolve this matter in a just and fair manner.

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