IUCN ROWA takes on a Chapter for the Jordan's Third National Communication to UNFCCC

 IUCN ROWA takes up writing a very important chapter for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Third National Communication Report .

Selected Catchment Area - Jordan Photo: IUCN ROWA

A team of experts headed by IUCN ROWA in coordination with the United Nations Developement Programme  in Jordan, have started its journey to write up one of the most important chapters in the report : " The Vulnerability & Adaptation Assessment". The team will work together inorder to review different vulnerability and adaptation frameworks and later come up with an approach to help understand the potential long-term impacts of climate change on Jordan.

The study will adopt an integrated approach for assessing the vulnerability of human and natural systems to the risks posed by climate change in Jordan. This approach will consider that risk resulting from climate change is highly contingent upon the magnitude of the hazard (exposure) and the level of sensitivity (or on the contrary the resilience) of the systems exposure. The chapter will moreover characterize past and current climate vulnerabilities and risks by analyzing the impacts of various climatic hazards within the targeted sectors/areas.

At the very end, the study will assess future vulnerabilities and risks for the years 2030 and 2050, and suggest possible adaptation measures accordingly.

for more information, kindly contact:
Mufleh Abbadi - Assignment coordinator

West Asia
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