The IUCN Red List website made easy

Website visitors to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species can now take advantage of a users’ guide and video demo to help them search close to 45,000 records of plant and animal information.

IUCN Red List logo Photo: IUCN

The IUCN Red List website now has more functions than ever before, including:

  • Detailed search functions so that visitors can carry out a wide variety of searches
  • The ability to store searches for future use or to share search results with others
  • The option to download the ranges for types of mammal and amphibian (with other groups to follow)

To help users navigate their way through applying these tools, the IUCN Red List Unit have developed The Users’ Guide to the IUCN Red List website, (Version 1.0, March 2009). This document provides guidance on searching the website, navigating through species 'fact sheets', saving searches and exporting data from the site. It also explains where to find and download GIS data, so far available for amphibians and mammals.

In conjunction with this document, a nine minute video tutorial has been launched on the IUCN YouTube channel demonstrating how to use the website search functions.

These tools are designed to help anyone use the IUCN Red List to gave information on an ever growing number of plants and animals and their risk of extinction.

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