IUCN Partnering with the Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival 2013

 IUCN will be participating in the Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival 2013 from the 20th - 25th April 2013

The Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival 9 - 14 March 2013

The Abu Dhabi International Environmental film festival seeks to promote public understanding of the environment through animated pictures as there is a scarcity of cultural festivals or films dealing with environmental issues. The Festival presents a variety of long and short films of various types; features, documentary and animation from around the world.

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan the Chairman of Festival Boards Of Trustees announced that "the idea of this event has emerged from the responsibility of everyone towards our planet, where all of us have known the dangers of environmental challenges facing human beings today and at the future.These dangers are aggravated by many unreasonable acts.
In face of these climate disasters such as Global Warming & Climate Changes, we have to take our responsibilities to reinforce the public awareness through the most effective means: Arts & Media." He added that ADIEFF aims to promote the idea of the importance of saving our environment to make the earth a better place to live.

Different organizations will participate in various sections of the Festival competitions, to include all types of movies, across more than 12 major activities during the festival over the course of six days, with the presence of more than 500 individuals concerned about environment from different countries all over the world.

IUCN will be an active participant; applying for the short movie competition along with screening more than 4 movies during the festival. 

For more information regarding the festival visit their interactive and informative website at:


We are proud and more than thankful to be part of this great initiative, and we hope that a lot of you would be able to attend this marvilous festival and its features.




for more information regarding IUCN's participation, kindly contact:

Ms Lara Nassar - lara.nassar@iucn.org 

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