IUCN Pan-European Newsletter 12: Biodiversity and climate change

This newsletter issue focuses on Biodiversity and Climate Change, with contributions from the Convention on Migratory Species, the environment ministers of Greenland and French Polynesia, the European Commission and WWF.

IUCN Pan-European Newsletter 12: Biodiversity and Climate Change Photo: IUCN


  • Climate change: the most serious threat to migratory species? (Robert Hepworth, Executive Secretary of the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species)
  • Letter from the Regional Director (Tamás Marghescu, IUCN Regional Director for Europe)
  • News from IUCN Europe
  • Biodiversity in European development cooperation (Jean-Claude Jacques, Director of IUCN's EU Liaison Office)
  • Developing a new vision for nature in Europe: The European Members’ Meeting in Cataluña (Andrew Terry, IUCN)
  • Melting ice and dying reefs (Alfred E.R. Jakobsen, Deputy Minister for Health and Environment of Greenland, and Georges Handerson, Minister for Sustainable Development of French Polynesia)
  • From the Field: Impacts of climate change on biodiversity
  • Biodiversity protection and climate change adaptation: two sides of the same coin (Ladislav Miko, Director of the European Commission’s Directorate for Protecting the Natural Environment, DG Environment)
  • Species extinction and the Kyoto Protocol (Martin Hiller, WWF Climate Change Programme)
  • IUCN Calendar of Events
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