IUCN National Committee in France advocates for regional biodiversity strategies

After drawing up an inventory of regional biodiversity strategies in January 2010, IUCN National Committee in France is now advocating for their reinforcement by publishing guidelines to facilitate their further development and implementation throughout France. 

IUCN French Committee Photo: IUCN

By implementing the “Grenelle actions” and the “French National Biodiversity Strategy 2011-2020”, IUCN France supports the development of regional strategies to enhance biodiversity conservation and the fight against erosion. These strategies provide the ideal practical framework for meeting the challenges of sustainable development at regional level.

The guidelines contribute to the implementation of the Plan of Action on Sub-national Governments, Cities, and other Local Authorities for Biodiversity, which was adopted at the 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in October 2010, in Nagoya, Japan.

IUCN France strongly encourages French regions to develop and implement regional strategies for biodiversity according to certain key principles:

1. Governance:

  • Identify the most appropriate co-ordination strategy, favouring a system of joint coordination between the Region and the State, which may also include other key regional stakeholders.
  • Mobilize and involve all territorial stakeholders in the dialogue process.
  • Define a collegial participative and, permanent system of governance for drawing up, implementing, and monitoring regional biodiversity strategies.

2. Content:

  • Perform a shared strategic diagnosis of regional biodiversity before defining the common framework for strategic action.
  • Biodiversity should be taken into account within all policies and all sectors of activity (agriculture, infrastructure, the economy ...).

3. Implementation:

  • Favour implementation tools that help create and formalize new partnerships and solidarity dynamics between the various local stakeholders.
  • Provide for and set up a system for monitoring and assessing the regional biodiversity strategies.

Full document available in English, French and Spanish.

On 12 April 2012 the French National Committee will host the French Nature Congress. More information can be found here

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