IUCN Members presence in New Caledonia

Several IUCN Members are found among the key environmental actors in New Caledonia. These are the New Caledonian South Province and the New Caledonian North Province, and the Association for the Protection of the Nature of New Caledonia. IUCN Members French Marine Protected Areas Agency, WWF-France, Conservation International and the IUCN French Committee works closely with local Members and partners in the country.

Much of the activities by IUCN Members have focused on promoting local initiatives for sustainable management of coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass.

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It was 14 years ago that the WWF France began its commitment to New Caledonia, and 10 years ago it opened its New Caledonian office. The main purpose of this office is to work closely with local people to better understand their real needs. Read more. You can visit WWF’s New Caledonia blog and find out more about community management of coral reefs here.

For the second year, under the IFRECOR (French initiative for coral reefs), driven by the departments of Ecology and overseas, the IUCN French Committee coordinates a competition for elected overseas officials to develop local initiatives for sustainable management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems.

Local officials are key players in the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The elected representatives of overseas may register and present their projects in one of two categories: "Protection, enhancement and restoration" of coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves and "awareness and education".

For more information on IFRECOR’s New Caledonian Coral reef Atlas and its Action Plan for the Lagoons and Coral reef management, Read here.

Created in 1971, the “Association pour la Sauvegarde de la Nature Neo-Caledonienne” (ASNNC) has been active in safeguarding the New Caledonian biodiversity. It was initiated by a group of forty people gathered at the FOL - with the assistance of Raymond Teyssandier Laubarède, then President of the Caledonian Society of Ornithology, The Association for the Preservation of Nature New Caledonian (ASNNC) recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its creation. Read more. The publication of Le Journal Vert Edition of May 2011 celebrates the ASNNC’s 40 years of action for the protection of Nature.



New Caledonia (France)
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