IUCN-Med congratulates the Tour du Valat for receiving the Ramsar Convention Award for Merit

The Tour du Valat received the Ramsar Convention Award for Merit, at the 12th Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention in Punta del Este (Uruguay). This award recognizes the outstanding research efforts this unique organization has made toward wetland preservation, management and restoration over the past 60 years.

Ifrane National Park (Morocco)

The IUCN centre for Mediterranean cooperation (IUCN-Med) congratulates the Tour du Valat’s General Director Jean Jalbert, an important IUCN member and close collaborator of the centre, for winning the Ramsar Convention Award for Merit.

Established in 1954, in the Camargue Regional Nature Reserve (France), the Tour du Valat is a research institution specialized in wetland ecology, who works to build a better understanding and management of Mediterranean wetlands and the unique biodiversity they host. Since its creation, the centre received numerous scientists, students and teachers from all over the world, all passionate about wetland conservation, protection and “wise use” of their resources. The Tour du Valat has contributed to the foundation of the Ramsar Convention and has actively participated in its implementation in the whole Mediterranean Region. Moreover, it was one of the institutions which contributed to the creation of the MedWet initiative in 1991. The research center continues to develop an integrated approach to wetland management, which involves both stakeholders and scientists in wetland preservation.

IUCN-Med and Tour du Valat
IUCN-Med and Tour du Valat maintain a close collaboration formalized through a memorandum of understanding signed in 2011. In addition, IUCN-Med’s director participates to the Tour du Valat Administration Council.

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