IUCN joins "I am the ocean" campaign

IUCN is part of the Mission Blue “I am the Ocean” global campaign calling for action to protect the oceans and restore the health and productivity of this vital natural resource.

Survey of coral  growth in Weh Island,Indonesia

IUCN is lending its support to the “I am the Ocean” initiative, part of the Mission Blue multi-year strategic partnership with government and major institutions that aims to inspire each and everyone’s opportunity to take concrete actions in favour of marine conservation. From cleaning up coastlines to buying only sustainable seafood, “I am the ocean” provides practical tips for joining forces with conservationists to help increase Marine Protected Area coverage and protect threatened species.

This movement is a reflection of the necessity to raise awareness about threats to the ocean, as played out recently by the worst oil spill in history. It has been reported recently that Whale Sharks, frequent visitors to the Gulf of Mexico that filter as much as 605’000 liters of water an hour, have been seen swimming in thick oil. Even if the future of this tragedy is still unfolding, the Whale Shark is an IUCN Red List-classified vulnerable species, and numerous individuals may have died.

IUCN, involved in the Mission Blue project since its first expedition in April 2010, is working in partnership with the National Geographic Society, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Ocean Conservancy, Sea Web and The Sea Alliance. The initiative is supported by The Waitt Foundation, Oracle and Google.

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François Simard, Global Marine and Polar Programme Deputy Director,

Borjana Pervan, Media Relations, Global Communications, borjana.pervan@iucn.org

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