IUCN issues second round of recommendations on natural World Heritage

IUCN’s recommendations to the World Heritage Committee are now all available online, following a second release of reports on 29 May. IUCN recommends ‘in danger’ status for Brazil’s Cerrado Protected Areas: Chapada dos Veadeiros and Emas National Parks. IUCN also recommends changes to Russia’s Lena Pillars Nature Park’s boundaries.

Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians

The recommendation to inscribe ‘Cerrado Protected Areas: Chapada dos Veadeiros and Emas National Parks’ on the List of World Heritage in Danger comes as a result of inadequate legal protection. The Brazilian World Heritage site, inscribed in 2001, includes two areas which together protect one of the world’s oldest and most diverse tropical ecosystems.

The proposed boundary change in Lena Pillars Nature Park, in Russia, would increase the size of the site, which was inscribed in 2012 because of its spectacular 100-metre-high rock pillars. The addition would include an area with further visually impressive features as well as fossil-fauna. 

Other sites covered in the reports issued today include Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Everglades National Park in the United States, Lake Turkana in Kenya and Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico, among many others.
A first batch of reports was released on 15 May. The World Heritage Committee will gather in Bonn from 28 June to 8 July to discuss the recommendations and take final decisions. IUCN is the advisory body on natural World Heritage.

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