IUCN to influence decision-makers in Bonn

At the last two weeks of conservation talks in Bonn, IUCN managed to put gender and social equity high on CBD's agenda. Will the Union be equally successful in doing so once again in the same city but for a different UN Convention? The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is holding sessions from 2 to 13 June and IUCN has a role to play.

Mrs Elise Buckle

Elise Buckle of IUCN's Global Programme, explains.

1/The current global climate change talks are underway in Bonn. Could you tell us more about IUCN's involvement.

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2/How can we mobilize resources for developing countries who need to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation?

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3/What about enhancing the role of women in climate change mitigation and adaptation?

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Climate Change
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