IUCN gathers EU Member States to support consensus on forthcoming invasives legislation

IUCN European Union Representative Office has recently organized a gathering with representatives from EU Member States to present the latest scientific knowledge on invasive alien species offering a platform for informal exchange in view of the upcoming Council discussions on the EU legislative proposal.  

The Coypu, originally from South America, is now established in large parts of Europe causing great damages.

The European Commission’s proposal for an EU Regulation on invasive alien species released in September this year is currently being reviewed by the European Council and European Parliament. IUCN is closely following the process and offering its scientific advice to policy-makers, as the adoption of such legislation could have a strong positive impact on European biodiversity.

The knowledge and expertise of IUCN can be of great use to policy-makers when they are called to take decisions on urgent and complex environmental issues, such as combating the impacts of invasive alien species. The IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Invasive Species Specialist Group, led by Piero Genovesi who intervened at the recent gathering, joins some of the most renowned experts holding the best available knowledge on the issue.

Some of the main issues which arose from the meeting held on 28 November at IUCN Brussels office were: the challenges of establishing a list of invasive species of EU concern which would be able to prioritize action while reflecting the diverse distribution and impacts of invasive species in Member States; how to make best use of activities and approaches already adopted by several Member States; the establishment of an advisory Scientific Review Group to ensure an adequate science basis for the implementation of the Regulation; and the need for tailoring action to specific circumstances.

IUCN European Union Representative Office has recently released a Joint Call, in cooperation with Birdlife Europe and Neobiota (the European Group on Biological Invasions) to call for a science-based approach in tackling invasive alien species. Read the Joint Call on invasive alien species.

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