IUCN experts part of new online course on marine biology in the Deep Ocean

TED talks by aquatic explorers including IUCN patron Sylvia Earle, who share what they’ve seen in the Earth’s last frontier — the deep ocean, are now available as part of an online course.

Sylvia Earle

Professor Alex Rogers of Oxford University, the main scientific partner of the IUCN project on seamounts (under water mountains) presents the introductory essay to the TED Studies: Marine Biology course.

The four-year project on conserving biodiversity associated with seamount ecosystems in the Southern Indian Ocean aims to raise awareness about the challenges facing the conservation of biodiversity in the Deep Ocean.

In her TEDTalk, Sylvia Earle, the acclaimed oceanographer calls our oceans “the blue heart of the planet” and poses the question: “How much of your heart do you want to protect?” She explains why oceans are vital to life on Earth and how much we still have to learn about them—in particular, the ocean’s deepest zones like the Mariana Trench, into which only three humans have travelled. She makes the case for creating oceanic ‘hope spots’ – sanctuaries set aside as forever-protected no-disturb zones.

The course will be translated into several languages including Chinese. The content is also accessible via iTunes and iTunesU course app for Ipad.

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