IUCN drylands strategy gains momentum

IUCN ESARO organised and hosted a Global Drylands strategy meeting at the Wasaa Conservation Area from March 16th – 19th. Participants came from around the world and included Regional Technical Coordinators, Commission members and Staff from the Ecosystem Management Programme in Gland. This positive and productive three day meeting led to an agreement over the Dryland Programme’s strategic objectives and a plan of action for developing a Global Drylands Initiative.

Kalama Conservancy in Kenya’s dry lands of Samburu District

The meeting highlighted the wealth of Drylands work that IUCN is already engaged in, under other thematic programmes such as forests or wetlands, and proposes a way for an innovative global initiative to add value to this diverse and important work. The next draft of the Global Strategy will go through formal procedures for approval and buy-in and should be launched at the UNCCD COP in Argentina in October 2009.

East and Southern Africa
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