IUCN Councillors for Africa report back on their first Council meeting

The IUCN Council meeting was held recently. Here is the report from Councillors for Africa (Yolan Freidmann, Brahim Haddane and Hillary Masundire): 


Hillary Masundire in a Council meeting Photo: IUCNHastings Chikoko

Council Retreat – was held over 2 days (30 January to 1 February 2009). The purpose of the retreat was to acquaint councilors, especially the newly elected ones, with the structure and functioning of the IUCN as well the relationships among its various components. The role of the Council was one of the main areas of focus. The relationship between IUCN Members and the IUCN Program was also discussed at length with the overall conclusion that all the 3 components of the Union - Members, Commissions and Secretariat - should be fully engaged in program formulation and implementation.

Council Meeting – this was held from 2 to 4 February. Here are some highlights

a. Elections of Vice Presidents –Javed Jabbar (West Asia), Diana Shand (Oceania), Kalev Sepp (East Europe) and Russ Mittermeier (North America & Caribbean)

b. Co-Chairs of the Constituency Committee – Yolan Friedmann (Africa) & Meguel Pellerano (South America)

c. Co-Chairs of the Finance & Audit committee – Spencer Thomas (North America and Caribbean) & Hillary Masundire (Africa)

d. Co-Chairs of the Program and Policy Committee – Hans de Iongh (West Europe) & Brendan Mackay (Oceania) – Brahim Haddane is a member of this Committee

e.Co-Chairs of the Governance Committee – George Green (North America & Caribbean) and Vilmos Kiszel (East Europe) – all 3 Regional Councilors for Africa are members of this committee. Yolan Friedmann was elected as Chair of the Statutory Task Force of the Governance Committee along with Shiela Abed.

f. Appointed Councilors – Dr Fatou Sarr from Senegal was "elected" as specially appointed councilor. Other appointed Councilors are Dr Johan Scharr from Sweden; Dr Ma Keping from China and Dr Seong-il Kim from South Korea.

g. Commission's Steering committees were presented , approved and adopted. Memebers and experts from Africa are really invited to join commission where they can excell and contribute. There are 6 commissions : WCPA,CEC,CEM ,CEL ,SSC and CEESP

Minutes of Council meetings – all Members are urged to visit the members' portal to view and read minutes of Council meetings 2-3 weeks after each meeting.

Next IUCN Congress – Council sent out a call to all State Members for bids to host the next World Conservation Congress. By end of January 2 bids had been received from Mexico and South Korea

IUCN Task Forces – several task forces and working groups were proposed. Some of these are open to Members of IUCN and Commission Members. They include Climate Change, Gender and Biodiversity, the Antarctic, Business and Biodiversity

These are some of the highlights from the meeting. Full details will be in the minutes of Council.


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