IUCN continues to support regional cooperation for biodiversity conservation in the Caucasus

The IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus continues to support the Caucasus Biodiversity Council (CBC) during the implementation and further development of the Ecoregional Conservation Plan for the Caucasus.

Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, Georgia

At the 9th CBC meeting in Ankara on 16-17 June, IUCN South Caucasus Programme Coordinator Tobias Garstecki announced plans to support – both financially and technically - the further development of the Ecoregional Conservation Plan. Five thousand Euros have already been committed for the upcoming revision of the plan, which will include a stronger emphasis on adaptation to the expected effects of climate change on ecosystems and biodiversity. In addition, IUCN offers its global expertise to support the upcoming revision.

Following the CBC meeting, Dr. Garstecki explained IUCN's continued support to CBC: "We value CBC and the Ecoregional Conservation Plan because they are effective instruments for the coordination between governments in the Caucasus region, as well as between governments and the NGO sector. In addition, CBC acts as a forum to further develop our joint vision for conservation in this important ecoregion."

Southern Caucasus
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