IUCN CEC Newsletter May 2013

The CEC Chair introduces the May 2013 newsletter. Highlights include a report of the first meeting of the new CEC Steering Committee. Enjoy more than 50 news stories from members taking action for sustainability around the world.

Juliane Zeidler, IUCN CEC Chair

Dear CEC members,

Yes – it is quite a challenge to be the Chair of the CEC! A lot of activity is taking place, even if I have not been able to share it with quite all of you as yet. Work in progress ...

The new Steering Committee met for the first time at the end of January in Rolle, near Gland, in Switzerland. I am excited about the Action Plan that emerged from the meeting, which mobilizes support for the IUCN CEC Programme, IUCN One Progamme, and CBD Secretariat and countries to achieve Aichi Target 1 on biodiversity awareness – and much more! Read the full story and report here >>

We are currently working on developing an interactive News Blog which will be a platform for our members to interact and for all of us to be kept up to date on new and exciting CEC related activities! I very much look forward to this step and hope we will be able to mobilize and facilitate a very active community of conservation communication and learning practitioners around the world!  Our plan is to flow CEC news through the blog, replacing the present e-newsletter.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively in Africa and meet with CEC members in Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Togo. I also solicited new members in the Seychelles. This was a great opportunity to learn from and reach out to members of the network, and I look forward to sharing more details in the News Blog, launching soon.

In the meantime, I will be thrilled to read some of your stories on e-learning, your use of the Love not Loss or the CEPA toolkit, or how your use of social media has incited action around the world!

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to visit our Facebook page and read our tweets. Good wishes to you all!

Juliane Zeidler, CEC Chair

Work area: 
West and Central Africa
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