IUCN CEC Europe is developing a new recycling game

CEC members are invited to take a survey to help develop a new activity for children aged 8-14  focusing on the connections between mining, recycling of aluminium and nature conservation. It is being developed by the Göncöl Foundation and IUCN CEC. 

NatuREcycle Photo: Göncöl Foundation 2014

From IUCN CEC members Katalin Czippán and Enikő Szilágyi of Hungary

As a follow-up to the Pass the Can initiative of last year, Alcoa Foundation granted support for the development of a game which will bring together the recycling and nature-centred approaches from CEC members across Europe to develop an interactive game with a connection to nature and conservation showing systemic views of resource usage, and highlighting the importance of recycling.

The project, titled “NatuREcycle” is implemented by Hungarian member of IUCN Göncöl Foundation in cooperation with ÖKO-Pack and Cz&K Consulting. The project team of enthusiastic young professionals, university students and environmental educators at the beginning of their careers are excited to develop and test the game with the help of international partners.

The game, which aims to strengthen systems thinking and sense of responsibility of students, is set to make its debut as part of a playing house in Göncöl Foundation’s headquarters in Hungary at the end of April 2014 with the planned participation of at least 100 students and 10 teachers, and will continually be used after the project period. The developers are inviting CEC members in Europe to contribute to the design through an e-mail brainstorming, to utilize diverse experiences and expertise in the development of the game and facilitate its use in daily practice in different countries of Europe.

The collected feedback from the participating students and teachers of the playing house will also contribute to the final guidelines, detailing how to create and play the game. The guidelines and the digital version of the game will be disseminated among interested CEC members, Hungarian environmental educators, shared on the Göncöl Foundation and IUCN-CEC website and marketed via social media (IUCN, IUCN CEC facebook, twitter).

Please provide feedback by taking this survey today! >>

For more information, contact Katalin Czippán or Enikő Szilágyi at natu-re-cycle@goncol.hu

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