IUCN CEC Annual Report 2013

Learn about the discussion group series 'Thought Leaders Deep Dive' , e-learning courses in support of Aichi Target 1 and other CEC-supported activities in 2013.


Cover of the IUCN CEC Annual Report 2013 Photo: Justine Braby

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In 2013, the CEC reintroduced the ground-breaking discussion platform ‘Thought Leaders Deep Dive’ series and initiated the development of a wide-reaching membership engagement tool, among other key achievements. The CEC is poised to not only expand its reach across borders but also to nurture a
collaborative approach towards key objectives for network development.

The year offered a myriad of opportunities to collaborate and create partnerships as illustrated by activities carried out in conjunction with organisations such as ALCOA Foundation.

The 2013 Annual Report outlines the progress made according to the work plan developed at the first CEC Steering Committee meeting (Rolle, January 2013). Since then, key milestones have been reached in at least each of the set targets within the 2013-2016 CEC Program.

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