IUCN and Jaago Foundation team up to celebrate International Biological Diversity Day

The magical world of deep sea creatures, large and small, captured the imagination of Jaago Foundation students yesterday as they celebrated International Biological Diversity Day. 

IUCN and Jaago Foundation students celebrate Photo: IUCN

The International Day for Biological Diversity, held 22 May each year, is an opportunity for people around the globe to celebrate the natural beauty of our planet and to reflect on the essential role biodiversity plays in our lives. The theme for 2012 is Marine and Coastal Biodiversity.

The world’s oceans are an enchanting place, home to the world’s largest creatures as well as billions upon billions of the tiniest. There are more living things in the sea than there are stars in the universe. Oceans represent 71% of the Earth’s surface, home to phytoplankton that provides 50% of all oxygen on earth and source for 15% of our daily protein intake.

During International Biological Diversity Day celebrations yesterday, IUCN Bangladesh brought the importance of the ocean and her abundance of creatures alive to Jaago Foundation students at the Rayer Bazar campus, Dhaka. The event involved an interactive biodiversity presentation and educational activities teaching students about the importance of marine biodiversity in Bangladesh and how important biodiversity is in our lives.  During the celebrations students also took part in a marine inspired art competition and assisted with the plantation of fruit and herbal medicine trees in the school grounds.

‘Today we learnt many things about the marine biodiversity. The mangrove forests, under water species like marine turtles, dolphins, sharks are our friend. We need to protect them to save the whole biodiversity of the world’, said Maliha, a standard 2 student of Jaago Foundation.

Biodiversity provides us with water, food, oxygen and herbal medicines but without proper care we could destroy these natural wonders. The protection of our marine and coastal ecosystems are crucial to our wellbeing explained IUCN’s ‘Mangroves for the Future’ Research Assistant Enamul Mazid Khan Siddique.  It’s important that we start conserving our planet before it’s too late he explained to the students.

It is especially relevant to be able to teach young people about marine conservation, as they hold the key to the future of our planet.

IUCN would like to express their thanks to the Jaago Foundation and their students for their enthusiasm and willing participation in International Biological Diversity Day 2012.

The day was celebrated as part of the implementation of Mangroves for the Future (MFF) outreach activities in Bangladesh with financial aid of NORAD and SIDA. For more detail about MFF, please visit www.mangrovesforthefuture.org

IUCN also celebrated the day with a parade with school students and Government officials in the Bandarbans to raise awareness and promote biodiversity in the local community.

About Jaago Foundation

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To learn more about biodiversity and how you can help conserve the diversity of life, please visit IUCN for more information www.iucn.org/what/tpas/biodiversity/

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