IUCN addresses environmental sustainability at the Thailand Property Awards

On 11th September in Bangkok, over 500 of the property industry’s leaders in Thailand gathered at the Conrad Hotel for a Gala Dinner and Property Awards Ceremony. Started in 2006, the Thailand Property Awards recognise quality in architecture, design, construction and development, rewarding the best condominiums, housing developments, villas, commercial buildings and hotels.


Thailand Property Awards 2014

A keynote guest speaker presenting about environmental sustainability and property development, IUCN’s Head of Southeast Asia Group, Dr. Robert Mather said, “I only had 10 minutes but I wanted to challenge the audience to think about the business case for the environment focusing on compliance, eco-efficiency, and the value-added aspects of green space. For real sustainability, in addition to mainstreaming environmental consideration in the property sector, you also need to reach out and collaborate with other sectors – starting with your suppliers and your customers, for a holistic approach to a better future".

In addition, one of the evening’s awards was collected by IUCN’s own Kanokwan Homcha-aim who works part time for IUCN and part time for the Absolute World Group on their CSR programme in Phuket. The Absolute World Group beat some tough competition for the inaugural Special Recognition in CSR Award.

“To work in both an environmental organization and the private sector gives me a broader vision and strengthens my CSR plan and activities. With IUCN, I am not only having access to very valuable information sources, examples of good practices, and global environmental news and trends, but I can also reach out for guidance from experts working in related fields. I can use and adapt these assets to improve my corporate work to be more meaningful and responsive to local issues”, said Kanokwan Homcha-aim, IUCN Programme Officer and Senior CSR Coordinator of the Absolute World Group.

From reforestation, supporting youth charities and hosting charity fund-raising events, to ensuring environmentally conscious build practice runs through their new resorts, to working with local small businesses to create new opportunities, to the extension of their established staff Boot-camps and Wellness programmes to their guests and members, the Absolute World Group’s CSR activities are wide-ranging in concept, size and location.

“In 2013 we celebrated our 15th Anniversary milestone at which we undertook a full review of our longstanding CSR activities and restructured them under three new core values. Holiday Smarter, Holiday Fitter; Community initiatives; offering help and support directly to specific issues in local communities for the benefit of local people where our resorts located, and Absolute Eco-Friendlier initiatives with a more environmentally conscious approach in our resort development and surrounding ecosystem. We are delighted that our work has been honored with this award”, said Bryan Lunt, CEO of the Absolute World Group.



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