IUCN’s Climate Workshops Spur Action on the Issue

As part of its awareness-raising agenda, IUCN VN organized and facilitated three workshops in early 2009 to educate and encourage idea sharing about climate change mitigation and adaptation in Viet Nam.

Presenters led National Assembly members in a discussion on climate change adaptation

The first, titled “Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Viet Nam,” sought to inform National Assembly members, leaders of line ministries and local-level stakeholders about the implications of climate change on the nation’s development progress.

Co-chaired by IUCN and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the DANIDA-funded workshop convened more than 150 participants. It provided up-to-date information on potential climate change impacts in different development sectors, described the links between climate change and natural disasters and discussed ways to integrate climate change issues into national development strategies.

Those topics are of critical importance in a country projected to suffer some of the world’s worst consequences of climate change. The extreme weather and sea level rise expected to result from this global phenomenon could harm the livelihoods of the resource-dependent poor, experts say, and the workshop aimed to bring attention to the need to create a pro-poor response to imminent climate challenges.

The event kicked off the development of a long-term awareness raising and capacity building program by IUCN, MONRE’s Department of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change, and others.

To further work toward developing interdisciplinary skills linking climate change, poverty alleviation, disaster risk management, land-use planning and development strategy, IUCN facilitated a second workshop on climate change adaptation for the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

Thirty international experts from America, Australia, China, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Viet Nam gathered to discuss ways the region can respond to the impacts of climate change. It was chaired by MONRE, IUCN and Clean Air Initiative-Asia.

The final workshop, “Climate Change Adaptation in the Mekong Region,” continued the conversation about regional strategies for adapting to climate change’s cross-boundary effects. It was organized by SEA START RC, IUCN, WWF and Can Tho University.

IUCN and partners will organize further trainings for climate change adaptation and vulnerability analysis as a follow up to the workshops. It also will support pilot studies on the issue in coastal regions of Viet Nam.

For more information, please contact Dr. Luong Quang Huy at huy@iucn.org.vn.

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