Introducing Viridis Graduate Institute

CEC member Lori Pye invites you to learn more about this international school of ecopsychology.

Viridis Graduate Institute is an interdisciplinary graduate school offering innovative approaches to education with distinctive programs in the field of Ecopsychology and Sustainability designed to develop a new framework for global citizenship.

We are excited to be offering the world's first ecopsychology degree programs through a unique online platform augmented by educational trips to environmental habitats, cultural and conservation zones (hot spots) around the world.

At VGI, we believe that education is the most powerful tool we can use to make conscious change in the world.

I am am excited to be raising funds to grow our school - a community of learning that will provide students with psychological competence, practical skills, and ecological awareness that will enable them to redesign our world with maturity and care.

The word Fundraiser comes from the Latin fundus - a foundation, or piece of land; the Old English word raeran - to rise, flow; and the German word reisen - to rise for a journey...

VIRIDIS GRADUATE INSTITUTE has embarked upon a journey to develop the foundation for our school in ecopsychology and sustainability and, like all good communities, we hope you will support our work in the world!

Please visit our FUNDRAISING SITE and contribute what you can: money, comments, or volunteer. The tremendous gift of your support for an education that recognizes humanity's well-being is integrated into the health and sustainability of all nature ... makes all the difference.

We are re-imagining education. Our online graduate studies are augmented by in-person sessions that meet in environmental habitats and conservation zones around the world.

Degree programs include a Masters and Doctorate degree. Non-degree programs include Executive Certificate options. Learn about the programs.

FORWARD THIS LINK  to everyone you know who has a vision for changing our culture by bringing nature, culture and human-nature into education and making a more equitable, aesthetic and sustainable world.

For more information, contact Lori Pye at


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