Introducing INCA

The Institute of Nature Conservation in Albania –INCA is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, established in July 2000. Its main office is in Tirana, but it operates all over the country and in the region through its partner organizations. INCA’s main goal is to facilitate and help professional capacity building through training and a participatory approach. It is engaged on environmental safeguarding, conservation of natural treasures and rural development in the country.

Logo of INCA

INCA works on the protection of flora and fauna, biodiversity assessments, management of protected areas, river basin management, raising awareness of the public and policy and decision makers, and undertakes conservation measures when possible and appropriate to protect species and their habitats. The task of the Institute is also to link nature conservation and biodiversity issues with other fields of science that impact nature resources in Albania. The Institute also participates in the process of national legislation improvement and European integration.

In order to achieve its main goals, INCA has established the following working directions:

  • Nature protection & water resources;
  • Protected areas, Forestry & GIS;
  • Project management (including IPA projects)
  • Legal and financial office;

INCA also relies on staff dealing with support tasks, such as data gathering, communication and documentation. INCA operates through its pool of experts in different fields, supporting the activities in the main cities of the country.

INCA is cooperating with several NGOs in the country, such as the Regional Environmental Center (REC) in Albania, Eco-movement (Eko-levizja), the Preservation and Protection of Nature Environment Association (PPNEA), EDEN Center, Milieukontakt International Albania, Association for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife of Albania (APAWA), Protection and Social&Environmental Development Association “ILIRIA”, Transboundary Shkodra/Skadar Lake Forum (TSLF), Association for the Protection of Nature and Environmental Administration (ADRIATIK) in Vlore, Transboundary Nature in Prespa region, etc. In December 2009 INCA became a Member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and represents WWF in Albania being in continuous contact with their regional structure and supporting joint projects. Since December 2008, INCA is also member of the Global Water Forum (GWF).

INCA provides its knowledge for research and studies purposes, as well as for the capacity building processes. The main items of the services are:

  • Biodiversity and “ecosystem services” assessment;
  • Feasibility studies and development of strategic documents;
  • Development of management plans (protected areas, coastal zone, forest area);
  • Training for environmental education and other capacity building activities;
  • Development of GIS database;
  • Organisation and facilitation of meetings.

INCA has implemented several activities and projects collaborating with international organizations and bodies, such as the United Nations, GEF, World Bank, UNDP, and European and national institutions. The projects are implemented mostly within the Albanian territory but in the last years some have been put in a transboundary context (Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia and Greece).

For more information please visit INCA's web site.


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