Interview with IUCN's Constanza Martinez

With only two years left to reach the 2010 biodiversity target, the upcoming meeting on the Convention on Biological Diversity is a rare and last opportunity for action. IUCN will use this chance to address the crisis related to the rapid loss of biodiversity. Constanza Martinez of the Global Policy Unit will tell us more about the Union’s role in Bonn and its major expectations for the future.

Biodiversity through the eyes of Constanza's 4 years old daughter

What will be the main focus of IUCN’ work in Bonn?

CM: IUCN has a lot of issues at stake but the delegation will mainly keep in mind that this is the last COP before 2010, when we will sit down and analyze if we have met our committments. The elements we choose and the way we decide to assess the 2010 target will give us an opportunity to think about the post-2010 period, taking into account the Millennium Development Goals. English MP3

While climate change is a front-page story, biodiversity does not seem to enjoy the same popularity. How can IUCN stress their interdependence?

CM: It is true that there is a competition between climate change and biodiversity especially when it comes to resource allocation. But IUCN is aware of its linkages, and this is what we will stress at the COP 9 meeting. Biofuels are both an example and a good illustration of the link between biodiversity and climate change.

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What concrete results would you like to see after the meeting in terms of increasing the role of women in biodiversity?

CM: At the ninth meeting of COP the Gender Plan of Action will be adopted. We would like to see as a result that women are more involved in decision-making processes related to biodiversity conservation. English MP3


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