International Workshop on Pastoralism and Wildlife Conservation in the Himalaya, India, March 2006


Pastoralism and wildlife conservation in the Himalaya Photo: WISP

The Indo-Norwegian Programme for Institutional Cooperation (INPIC) between WII and the University of Tromso, Norway (February 2002 to April 2006), is a NORAD funded research initiative that addresses the aspects of Pastoralism and Wildlife Conservation in the Himalaya through short and long-term field research investigations.  On the occasion of completion of this cooperation programme, the partners will hold a workshop on "Pastoralism and Wildlife Conservation in the Himalaya" at WII during mid March 2005.  In addition to the presentations of the outcome of this scientific collaboration, the workshop will provide the scientists and wildlife managers of both countries and a few South Asian nations a platform for highlighting the need to evolve strategies to not only enhance our knowledge on effects of livestock grazing on the conservation of wildlife and their habitats in the Himalaya, but also ensure that the recommendations are put to use by the end user, i.e., the wildlife policy makers and wildlife managers. 
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