International Marine Protected Areas Congress 27-28 oct. 2013

Every four years, the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC) brings together major maritime stakeholders from around the globe, beyond national or sectorial boundaries, to assist in the conservation and sustainable development of the oceans.


In 2013, the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées (French Marine Protected Areas Agency) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature are co-organizing the 3rd edition of the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3). The core of the Congress will take place in Marseille from Oct. 21 to Oct. 25. It will be followed by a high-level political meeting in Corsica on Oct. 26 and 27 (invitation only).

Participants represent public management and planning agencies, research institutions, non-governmental organizations, coastal or island communities, and sea-related industries, from fishing to cable laying, mining, shipping and tourism.

For further info: François Simard

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