International Film Festival for wildlife and the environment

In partnership with IUCN Member, the Ribat Al Fath Association for Sustainable Development, the International Film Festival for wildlife and the environment (FIFALE) will take place from 30 March to 2 April 2011 in Rabat. This film festival aims to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet and to act as a tool, a conduit and an alarm bell for environmental problems in Morocco and the world at large.

FIFALE 2011 - Rabat, Marco

FIFALE was established with several objectives. The first was to generate awareness and a sense of responsibility and commitment to environmental protection among the population, through playful means with the projection of animal films.

Another objective was to provoke, through FIFALE’s film competition, the development of national filmmaking on the flora and fauna of Morocco.

The film festival has always involved young people, running educational screenings and establishing a partnership with schools in Rabat, to highlight the protection of animal and plant resources, the fight against pollution and water security, which figure among the priorities of everyday life.

As such, FIFALE’s motto is: Rabat, a green city now and forever.

The 7th edition of the film festival will reflect and emphasize the motto through all of the parallel activities, which have a common objective. Topics will address the Kingdom's efforts in the fight against desertification, water security and the protection of our plant and animal resources.


  • Films registered in the festival must have been produced in the last 3 years.
  • A pre-selection jury will view the films submitted and will select around twenty for the final round of competition.
  • National films will benefit from a special selection to encourage and stimulate the production of Moroccan films.

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