International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management

The 2nd Forest Science Forum "International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management" will be held in Beijing, China on October 13-16, 2012.

Forest is an integral part of the global terrestrial ecosystem that provides key functions include supplying forest products, alleviating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and conserving water and soils. However, rapid economic development, population expansion, living standards growth, demands for ecology increase and forest products consumption amplification are adding increasing pressure on forests. Forests play a vital role in mitigating global climate change. Deforestation will exacerbate climate change. Sustainable forest management, critical for regional economic, social, and environmental balance, is more important than ever.

You are invited to attend International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management in Beijing, China and to submit a proposal for presentation. For more information and registration, please visit the conference website:


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