Integrating young people in the IUCN Programme: Jeju and beyond

The Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership invites you to attend their action-planning workshop -- among the 10+ events on youth and collaboration across generations. Two youth-related Motions are also on the agenda.

Jeju, Republic of Korea Photo: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

More than 10 events explicitly focused on youth and collaboration across generations, plus other events led or co-facilitated by young people, will be featured at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. To help kick things off, CEC Chair Keith Wheeler and CEC members Grace Mwaura and Dominic Stucker and others have been invited to speak in President Ashok Khosla's workshop "The Inheritors" on the first day of the Public Forum.

Each morning, young Congress participants are invited to attend short strategy meetings to ensure wide-spread integration and impact. Learn more about youth events and other initiatives here >>

The winning logo in a competition hosted by the Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership will be revealed at the Just World Pavilion at Congress. CEC member Ivan Onatra created the winning design for the IUCN-wide Intergenerational logo. Don't miss the opportunity to go home with a pin depicting the logo! Find more logo launch details here >>

At the level of IUCN governance, the Task Force is supporting young candidate Caroline Seagle in her bid for a place on the IUCN Council, representing North America and the Caribbean. Six youth-related motions were also submitted to the Congress, with five of them consolidated by the Task Force into Motion 008:

  • Motion 008: Increasing Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership Across and Through the Union (Development Alternatives, Jeju Bureau of Environment, Department of Environment, Peace, and Security at the UN-mandated University for Peace)

It was decided that the sixth Motion worked best on its own:

  • Motion 132: The Child's Right to Nature and a Healthy Environment (IUCN Netherlands Committee)

People of all ages are invited to participate in the Task Force's action planning workshop (#746) titled "Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability: Toward an IUCN-wide Action Plan". Designed largely by young CEC and CEESP members, the workshop will integrate pre-Congress survey and participant input on Commission-specific and Union-wide action ideas, building on the Motions above. The workshop is highly interactive, with time for short presentations by speakers, including CEC Chair Keith Wheeler, CEESP Chair Aroha Mead, and young Councillor and CEC member Grace Mwaura.

If you would like to be involved now, leading up to Congress, join the next online meeting of the Task Force on 23 August at 14:00 GMT. To be included, please send a Skype contact request to Dominic Stucker (Skype ID dominicstucker) by 22 August, noting your interest in joining the Task Force.


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