Independent Report on Biodiversity Offsets Released

IUCN and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) have released an independent report on key issues related to the successful implementation of biodiversity offsets.

ICMM Biodiversity offsets report

Biodiversity offsets are measurable ways to compensate for the impacts remaining, after action has been taken to avoid and minimise harm, and to restore the affected biodiversity.

The report was written by The Biodiversity Consultancy and provides an overview of issues related to biodiversity offsets with a particular focus on the mining sector. It highlights the business case for offsets, principles and methods, application to the mining sector, best-practice case studies, relationship to ecosystem services and remaining challenges.

The report makes recommendations on practical ways to aid the successful implementation biodiversity offsets, such as the need for a concise how-to guide to offset design, and development of an offset platform to enable stakeholders to share experiences in offset implementation.

The report can be read as a summary for executives and managers or as a detailed scoping analysis for environmental specialists who have some familiarity with biodiversity offsets. It also functions as a sourcebook of key references for technicians and consultants in mining and conservation.

There are a number of uncertainties about offsets which require debate and agreement amongst a range of stakeholders. This report has been produced to stimulate this debate on “if, how and where” biodiversity offsets could be used to address development impacts on biodiversity.

“IUCN welcomes this report which also highlights that the effectiveness of biodiversity offsets in practice depends on an enabling policy environment and good governance across sectors”, says Gerard Bos, Head of IUCN’s Global Business & Biodiversity Programme.

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