Improving Forest Governance in Knuckles, Sri Lanka

Dialogue and development for better outcomes

Author(s): Nathan Badenoch
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978-2-8317-1042-6

Revised edition with additional material provided by M. P. A. U. S. Fernando, Conservator General of Forests, Sri Lanka.

Improving Forest Governance in Knuckles Photo: IUCN

This paper is a response to an IUCN internal review of the Strengthening Voices for Better Choices project, carried out in May 2007. The review recommended that a study be carried out, focusing on the process of implementation in Sri Lanka, in order to learn lessons about catalysing dialogue for improved forest governance. The research and composition were carried out by a former staff member of IUCN’s Lao People’s Democratic Republic Country Office. The author has a background in environmental governance, but is not involved in the project or any other IUCN Sri Lanka activities.

The paper is intended to serve as a learning tool for people involved in the Strengthening Voices for Better Choices project in Sri Lanka and beyond. As such, it is not a consensus document, although a broad range of stakeholders was consulted and their views have been taken into account as much as possible. Several reviewers also provided comments on earlier drafts. It is hoped that the paper will inform reflections of a similar nature in other sites within the global project, and that it will be of interest more generally to people involved in forest governance.

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