Identification of Important Plant Areas (IPAs) to meet the 2010 Target

Reducing the loss of plant diversity and ensuring that the flora of the Caucasus hotspot is effectively conserved by 2010 were the goals at the outset of the project. The immediate objectives were to identify threatened plant species and to develop a methodology to monitor and protect them using the Important Plant Area (IPA) approach. Furthermore the project aimed at improving the protection of IPAs by supporting and expanding the capacity of stakeholders working for plant conservation in the region.

Rhododendron caucasica Photo: IUCN POSC

National expert teams from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia reviewed the current status of plant conservation in the Caucasus. They formed a transboundary specialist network comprising national and international experts. The main focus was on rare and endangered species and their protection in Nature Reserves and National Parks.


• Initiation workshops in participating countries to introduce aims and methodology
• Analysis of current situation regarding the protection of rare and endangered plants
• Identification and dissemination of a preliminary list of Important Plant Areas and of methodological information materials
• Facilitation of Plant Conservation Action Plan development in close cooperation with the relevant governmental bodies, national and international non-governmental organisations
• Final Workshop, publication and dissemination of documents

Donor: Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project Partner: Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife (GCCW)
Project Duration: 06/2007 - 06/2008
Contact Person: Ketevan Skhireli


Southern Caucasus
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