I and the Universe - Influential and Influenced

The Environmental Universe Citizenship Program of BWA held an interactive and exciting event on the occasion of the Arab Environment day (originally celebrated on the 14th of the same month). 

Environmental day event

The event was held in Jawad Dome who had with thanks offered their premises as part of its CSR approach, not to forget the HSBC bank who sponsored this event. 

The first corner was the “Pictures Speak” photo exhibition, showcased stories of people reflected the true definition of a Universe Citizen by performing simple and yet meaningful action towards those in needs regardless of their origin or gender. Visitors were then led to the ‘POWER OF SEEDs” corner. This corner aims to raise awareness of the importance of collecting seeds from everyday foods we eat rather than throwing them in the waste. Seeds are the basis of the existence of botanical Group in this vast universe, it comes from nature and should go back to nature. I never perceived the seeds’ power as I do now, said a mother while carrying a bottle filled with the remains of fruits’ and vegetables seeds.

Children’s corners was diversified with many activities relating to environment, cosmic and nature creatures, The Face Paint corner was one of the attractions, children choose pictures relating direct or indirect to nature preservation. At the Photo Booth Corner, children enjoyed the companionship of Wanees, a costume-wore local desert lizard who is endangered for extinction and for which ECP adopted back in 2004 as Ambassador of Preserving Nature. It was obvious that children enjoyed the “I express Nature” drawing and art craft corner.

The journey ends at the “MY PLEDGE” corner. Children, along with their parents, were encouraged to write or express their pledge towards taking necessary steps to leave foot print in this world as an Influential and being Influced individual no matter how simple or little acts one performs towards preserving environment, creatures and natural resources.

It is worth mentioning that Bahrain Women Association celebrates Arab Environment Day each year, so as to highlight the paramount importance of cooperation among all segments of society to work on the preservation of the surrounding environment in all its dimensions. And that this common concern is the duty of all sectors and institutions in developing and developed communities, rich and poor countries, each according to its potentials available. The call for environmental and Universal work with different dimensions affects the current reality and the future of the coming generations. This call is designed to confirm the collective social responsibility towards environmental issues, such as reduction or elimination of pollutants and damage, sustainable consumption, waste reduction …. leading to harmony with the universe.

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