Hydro-meteorological characteristics of Hakaluki haor

Choudhury, Giasuddin Ahmed ; Nishat, Ainun

IUCN Bangladesh ; Sustainable Environment Management Programme (SEMP) ; UNDP ; Bangladesh, Ministry of Environment and Forest

Hydro-meteorological characteristics of Hakaluki haor

The main objective of this report is to provide hydrological inputs that include inflow and outflow routes of water, identification of various rivers, beels and khals functioning within the Hakaluki haor region, current hydrological and hydraulic characteristics, soil characteristics of the area and land use pattern as governed by hydraulic regimes, information on natural resources like flora and fauna and suggestions on development of a Community-based Haor Resources Management Project.

Dhaka : IUCN Bangladesh, 2005. 91p. : ill., maps.
ISBN 984-8574-23-9


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