Hope is in the air

"The place of civil society in the governance of the platform is still under question. We are confident that all delegates feel the need to raise questions and gather inputs from the field by a large consultation with civil society. This is very encouraging,” says Pierre Commenville, a member of the IUCN Delegation to the First Plenary Session to build an Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

Albatross in the Pacific Ocean Photo: Imène Meliane IUCN

"By yesterday evening, the third day of the meeting, the first review of all agenda items was completed. We hope that the session work will result fruitfully," he continues.

"The work programme of IPBES forms gradually. The consensus has been obtained on its necessary integrative and regional nature. Integrative, because all functions of the platform – assessments, generation of knowledge, support to decision-making and capacity building – are interrelated. Regional, because this subject needs a regional and sometimes even a sub-regional approach that should precede global synthesis. The IPBES process will definitely be bottom-up!"

From 3 – 7 October 2011, IUCN is participating in the First Plenary Session to build IPBES, which takes place in Nairobi, Kenya. IPBES is expected to be fully established in two plenary sessions. Based on the work achieved at the first session, the second session, to be held in early 2012, will determine the design and detailed work programme of IPBES.

For more information please contact ipbes[at]iucn.org.

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