The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka joins IUCN in restoring a village tank in Sri Lanka

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka (HSBC) entered into an agreement with IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature Sri Lanka Office to restore a village small tank for the development livelihoods and ecosystems.  


Mr Nick A Nicolaou, Chief Executive Officer Sri Lanka and Maldives of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and Dr Ranjith Mahindapala, Country Representative of IUCN Sri Lanka Programme signed the agreement on 14 February 2011.


The “Warawewa “ tank situated in a remote village, Wilpotha, in Puttalam District is currently in a state of disuse due to poor maintenance, and the surrounding communities are facing immense difficulties for their daily requirement of water for the households. Paddy lands traditionally cultivated with water from this tank are now fallow.


Restoration of this tank will benefit about 70 families in the village surrounding the Warawewa Tank,

and will bring an additional 50 acres of paddy into production, with water from the tank.

The project will also improve the watershed areas of the tank through restoring the vegetation cover. This in turn will improve the biodiversity and soil moisture availability thus providing opportunities for intensive home gardening for household food security. 


On Livelihoods aspect, the project will support establishment of 40 home gardens and training women from 10 families on designing and making reedbased handicrafts.

The local partner of the project is the Wilpotha Women’s Saving Effort, a leading women’s organization from the area.

Sri Lanka
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