Hin Namno National Protected Area Co-Management Plan

A Co-Management Plan is a strategic plan developed through a participatory planning approach in which stakeholders have common goals and objectives, and all parties share roles, responsibilities and benefits in a transparent process. The development of the Hin Namno Co-Management Plan was conducted through working in collaboration with many relevant sectors in Bualapha District, Khammoune Province, as well as village cluster heads and villagers living adjacent to the Hin Namno NPA.


A co-management plan is considered a new approach for Lao PDR, as no protected area management plan has yet been approved and there is a lack of practical and succinct management plans, emphasizing the role of local practitioners in response to key issues such as insufficient staffing and finance. The ultimate goal of the development of such a management plan is to take account of sustainability. As the management approach is to promote the engagement of local people, building local teams is an important step, as well as putting sustainable financial mechanisms in place to support the management plan. It also forms a reference for the management of the Hin Namno NPA. It is also necessary that the plan is formulated correctly and in accordance with the local situation. The plan should be reviewed and revised every 5 years, if needed.

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