Hangzhou Declaration on Culture & Sustainable Development

Co-Chairs of the CEESP Theme on Culture and Conservation, Elise Hufer and Adi Meretui Ratunabuabua together with CEESP Chair, Aroha Mead, participated in the UNESCO International Congress on Culture: Key to Sustainable Development, held in Hangzhou, China. IUCN President Zhang Xinsheng also participated. The meeting developed a Hangzhou Declaration Placing Culture at the heart of Sustainable Development Policies which was subsequently presented to the UN General Assembly.


The Hangzhou Declaration covers nine objectives: Integrate culture within all development policies and programmes; Mobilize culture and mutual understanding to foster peace and reconciliation;


Ensure cultural rights for all to promote inclusive social development; Leverage culture for poverty reduction and inclusive economic development; Build on culture to promote environmental sustainability;

Strengthen resilience to disasters and combat climate change through culture; Value, safeguard and transmit culture to future generations; Harness culture as a resource for achieving sustainable urban development and management; and Capitalize on culture to foster innovative and sustainable models of cooperation

Work area: 
Social Policy
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