Guidelines for forest restoration in Ghana

To introduce the concept of FLR in Ghana, the Government of Ghana supported the establishment of a National Working Group on Forest Landscape in 2004 to develop a National Plan of Action on FLR and encourage innovative restoration efforts. In addition, a National workshop on ITTO guidelines for the restoration, management and rehabilitation of degraded and secondary tropical forest was held in Ghana in 2006.

Guidelines for forest restoration in Ghana Photo: GPFLR/IUCN

At the National workshop participants reiterated the need for building the capacity of the stakeholders in practical use of the techniques. They also reiterated the need for the production of Ghana specific manual on Restoring Forest Landscapes, which can be used as a guide and a reference material.

Thus a Participatory Resource Assessment was used to determine what should be the principles and actions to that can form the guidelines from stakeholders in six degraded forest areas. The results were compiled and three workshops were held at which all stakeholders validated their responses. A final workshop was held to complete the guidelines. Official approval of these guidelines is being sought.

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