Greener cities, space for nature!

The latest issue of the IUCN European Newsletter focuses on urban biodiversity. Around 75% of Europeans live in cities according to the European Environment Agency, and the concentration of people and the infrastructure they need to live, can have a tremendous impact on nature. 

Urban Biodiversity Forum

"Investing in biodiversity and ecosystems can support cities and local authorities to find solutions for some of the biggest challenges they are facing. Natural solutions can help to reduce climate change impacts, ensure food, water and energy security and enhance quality of life, save money and promote economic development." says Luc Bas, the new Director of IUCN European Union Representative Office in the editorial of the European Newsletter.

Nature can offer powerful solutions for improving the quality of life of urban citizens. Protecting and restoring nature in and around cities, can help secure resources for the future and turn our current economic challenges into opportunities to achieve sustainable growth.

To better capture these natural solutions and learn from success stories which place biodiversity at the heart of our urban environment, IUCN launches today the IUCN Urban Biodiversity Forum. The IUCN Urban Biodiversity Forum serves as a gateway for knowledge, inspiration, new connections, and partnerships for action.

To read more about the work of IUCN on urban biodiversity and on other related initiatives in Europe, click on this link to the European Newsletter - July 2013.  

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