Green purchasing guidelines for office paper in Georgia

This brochure provides guidance on reducing the ecological footprint of paper use in an office. The document analyses paper production related issues and provides recommendations on how to plan and make green purchases.

Green Purchasing Guidelines for Office Paper in Georgia Photo: ENPI FLEG

Specifically, these guidelines will help develop a green purchasing policy, define criteria, choose the appropriate products and assess suppliers. The document is designed for easy use and is aimed at any organization or company that purchases paper for its office needs. The publication originated from the report “Paper Use Study in Georgia” carried out by the Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife (GCCW) in 2010, which aimed to explore consumers’ attitudes towards responsible use of paper. The study is part of the USAID project “Forestry in Georgia: Sustainable Production, Sustainable Consumption”. The document was developed based on existing guidelines and literature. The decision to publish “A Green Purchasing Guideline for Office Paper in Georgia” was initiated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in the framework  of the ENPI FLEG Program aiming at reducing illegal logging and promoting sustainable management of forest resources. 

You can find the complete report (in Georgian) here.


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