Green light for the first Congress for Nature Conservation in North Africa

IUCN-Med signed an agreement of collaboration with the Algerian Ministry of land management and Environment, to organize the Congress for Nature Conservation in North Africa. The ceremony of signature took place the 16th of June in the premises of the Algerian Ministry and in presence of Mr. Mohamed BACHA General Secretary of the Ministry.

Signature of the convention

From the IUCN part, the document entitled “Collaboration Convention for the Organization of the Nature North African Congress in Algeria” was signed by the Director of IUCN-Med Mr. Antonio Troya.. This agreement aims to strengthen collaboration between both institutions to set-up all the technical and logistical issues related to the forthcoming event..

The countries involved in the first North Africa Conservation Congress are Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia. In spite of many differences at national level, these countries share similar Mediterranean environment and common challenges concerning their natural resources management and conservation. In addition, environment is at the root of certain interdependence between this region’s countries, which stimulate the development of a collaboration process.

About the Congress for Nature Conservation

The three-day event will take place in the first trimester of 2015. Dates will be identified soon by the organization committee of the event. Three hundred participants are expected to be invited from governmental organizations, NGO’s, cooperation agencies, sponsors and IUCN members.
The main objective of the Congress is to promote exchange and collaboration between the different actors involved into nature conservation in Northern Africa, by way of transferring knowledge and scientific data, and implementing joint national and regional initiatives.

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