Green library to enhance Nigeria's Nature Cares project on employability

CEC member Toyin Oshaniwa of Nature Cares, an environmental education NGO, introduces the group's plans for a "Green Library".

Nature Cares promotes the greening of learning for employability of youth in Nigeria. Photo: Nature Cares

Nature Cares is an NGO that focuses on Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The objective is mainstreaming of ESD into diverse level of learning, such as

  • ESD+TVET, Technical Vocational Education & Training;
  • ESD+ Higher School;

  • ESD+Entrepreneurship.

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Nature Cares promotes the greening of learning for employability of youth, and active participation in climate change and sustainable development. In this work, the place of information and learning materials is of essential value. But in most learning environments, there is a missing climate, missing information, missing materials that integrate theory and reality, missing skills and competencies that are needed in meeting the requirements of green jobs and demands of the labour market. This is why our project on Greening Learning for Employability is focusing on a “Green Library” to provide information.

What is a Green Library? The concept of Green Library is one of the green movement of re-planning , re-design and better utilization of libraries to reduce its negative impact on the environment. Therefore there is so much definition and view on the concept of green library, feedback on question three are few sites for reader to learn more.

In summary, the green library focuses on green design to utilize natural or renewable energies such as solar energy, less dependent on fossil fuel, greening with plants to reduce overheating and the utilization of cooling equipment that demands high energy, water conservation, printing less by promoting digital library, e-books, also with special features of e-learning platform, sharing of good practices between global north student and global south student, special sections for research works and publications for dynamic learning to connect the dots of learning, competence and green jobs.

Nature Cares focuses more on the idea of glocalisation, a term reflecting on local actions that are relevant and applicable and adaptable to local environment. Nature Cares began the project on Climate Change Library in 2009, with the idea of providing education materials on environment to government schools, for learning, for teaching and promoting extra school events to engage young students -- the idea was to bridge the inadequate, outdated and lack of learning materials in schools. Nature Cares also lobbied for construction of mini green libraries for schools that have none.

In 2011, the concept was re-structured or re-defined to Nature Cares Green Library Project, since the climate change is just a aspect that led to the transition to a green economy, thus the integration of the three pillars to attain sustainable development. The project is in development stage, sourcing for educational materials, proposal submission to government and learning institution to adopt and promote the concept. For Nature Cares, the goal for 2015 is to develop a Green Library under the project of Education for Sustainable Development.

Education for Sustainable Development is the key for a sustainable future, thus green library concept is just an aspect of the process integrating the three pillars of sustainability:

  1. Social Dimension: Cultural and information exchange (Global north and south, south and south), promoting community empowerment, resource management;
  2. Ecological: Less negative impact on the environment, water conservation, less printing, alternative energy, pollution reduction, biodiversity promotion, healthy environment; and
  3. Economic: Better resource utilization, more research and business promotion, e-book learning, income for e-learning platform.

For more information, vist the Facebook page or contact Toyin Oshaniwa at

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