Green-Go International Short Film Festival

CEEweb for Biodiversity, Diverziti Association and Greenpeace Hungary invite all owners of cameras and other recording systems to attend the first Green-Go International Short Film Contest and Festival.

Shooting nature Photo: GordonMcDowell

The Short Film Categories are:

Our treasures: the Earth and the food (Greenpeace)

The current model of agriculture is unsustainable. It pollutes the environment with toxic chemicals, uses genetically engineered crops and relies on patented seeds from multinational agro-chemical companies. There has to be fundamental shift in the way we grow our food. The solution, ecological farming ensures healthy farming and healthy food for today and tomorrow, by protecting soil, water and climate, promotes biodiversity, and does not contaminate the environment with chemical inputs or genetic engineering.

Reducing consumption is the key to survival (CEEweb for Biodiversity)

Our consumer habits have changed dramatically in the last 50 years. We use way more food, materials and energy than our planet is able to give and regenerate from its production areas and natural resources. The European Union uses 2,5 times more resources than its capacity. We are endangering the life of future generations by degrading our environment thus making them less resilient to emerging disturbances. Let’s change our consumer habits, let’s reduce our resource use!

Preserve Forest Diversity (Diverziti Association)

Our forests – habitats of 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, livelihood provider of almost 2 billion people, the lung of our planet – cover 30% of our lands. However, due to the increasing needs of food and industrial products, such as beef, soybeans, biofuels and paper, we lose these valuable ecosystems with a rate of more than 10,000 million hectares annually. If we lose these ecosystems, we deprive nature and ourselves from clean air, clean water, climate change mitigation, stable soils and rich biodiversity.

In each category, the jury will select one first-place award.

Besides, all videos will be uploaded on the website on November 25, 2011 of the short film contest’s menu ENTRIES (, where the visitors will be able to view the films and vote for the best video between November 25 and December 1. Only one public award, out of the total number of videos of all categories, will be dedicated to the video with the largest number of votes.

The list of the awarded videos will be published on the webpage ( on December 3. The applicants of the awarded videos will be notified via email by December 2.

Videos fulfilling all criteria will be screened on December 3. The award-winning videos will be screened during the evening of the Film Festival on December 3, 2011, at Toldi Cinema, Budapest, Hungary.

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