Green Campus Guide wins international accolades

Macquarie University in Australia has created a new interactive Green Campus Guide to inspire enhanced campus participation in its vision for sustainability.


Macquarie’s new Green Campus Guide is a fun way for students and staff to learn how to make smart sustainability choices.

Macquarie University's vision for sustainability is to be ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable in all our activities - and we've got a guiding strategy for the next few years that will see our people become healthy and happy, our planet be protected and improved, and our campus participation enhanced.

To help our staff and students engage with some of the activities needed to transform our campus and reach our vision, we’ve created an interactive Green Campus Guide. We wanted something that would be engaging and user-friendly which is why we’ve opted for a social media enabled, interactive site that used illustrations that are representative of our campus.

The guide - that won an Awwward for design, creativity and innovation -allows users to explore what is being done on campus in the sustainability space, as well as discover ways to contribute to the sustainability of our community.

Full of tips, facts, and information on how to GIY (Green It Yourself), the site simplifies the sometimes complex sustainability choices we are confronted with in three key areas: campus, office and kitchen. For example, when you click on a mug in the office it tells you that by bringing your reusable mug to the café for your work-day coffee, you’ll not only save and average of 224 cups, but also 2.24 kg plastic lids, and 134.4 kg of landfill. Even better, it saves 2924 kWh of energy every year, which is the equivalent of almost a year's household electricity consumption by the average NSW resident!

Why not give it a go and let us know!

The future looks bright! We just need a little help to get there. So get involved in your workplace, your community, in your personal life and beyond.

For more information, contact Belinda Bean, Sustainability Officer, Macquarie University, at


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