Green Belt...the ribbon of life

On Friday, 6 March at 8 pm GMT BBC 2 will show in the United Kingdom as part of the TV series “The Natural World” the film “Iron curtain – the ribbon of life”.

European Green Belt Photo: IUCN

When communism crumbled in 1989, it created an opportunity for wildlife. The Iron Curtain that divided communist Eastern Europe from the capitalist West had created a no-man's-land protected by barbed wire and minefields - a last haven for many rare animals and plants. This film tells the story of the movement, that set out to save the natural heritage of this precious strip and to use the opportunities for marketing nature conservation on all levels.   Now as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain, we can also celebrate the birth of one of the biggest conservation movements in the world, a ribbon of life stretching 13,000 kilometres across Europe. From the Baltic to the Black sea some of the last European bears, lynxes, vultures, eagles and other rare and protected plant and animal species have been conserved. The creation of the “European Green Belt” initiative aimed to conserve and promote these exclusive areas. The vision of the initiative is to create the backbone of an ecological network that will be a global symbol for transboundary cooperation in nature conservation and sustainable development. The secretariat for the European Green Belt is hosted by the IUCN Regional Office for Europe.   Paul Reddish, Free Spirit Films, was impressed by the support that he experienced during the shootings. The partners of the European Green Belt initiative have actively contributed to the filming. Contacts with different actors of the initiative were already established during a meeting of the Green Belt network in 2007 in Stupava, Slovakia. 

For more information about the programme please visit the BBC Website.

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